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Digital Literacy for Women and Girls (Togo)

Literacy Matters

The Digital Literacy Issue

With much of the world trying to balance their technology immersed lives; it may be difficult to imagine that there is a widening global digital divide. The digital divide is a worldwide social inequality with only 19% of internet users in the African region. For Togo the digital divide is a major obstacle for development only 5.7% of individuals use internet; among the lowest internet penetration in West Africa. In developing countries like Togo, women and girls are the most at risk of being left behind. According to Graduate Women International, a Geneva based women’s advocacy organization, “women (are) commonly less able to benefit from access to devices or the internet…for a variety of reasons including lack of control over finances and decision making”.

The AOH Solution

Access to digital literacy for all is critical for sustainable development and economic growth. AOH offers low cost access to fundamental computer basics. We also provide free tech tutorials through our MonTogo.net project on YouTube. From our Head Office clients work on an AOH desktop or laptop computer and complete off-line modules from turning on a computer to creating a word document or presentation. They also learn how to access the internet, utilized search engines and send e-mails, etc. The basic digital literacy skills we offer are fundamental in a country where students learn computers from a text book and never touch a keyboard.

Your Role

This project is a great philanthropic opportunity. Our vision is to operate a digital literacy center from our Head Office where students and young careers take our training free of charge. Consider becoming a patron and contribute any amount monthly through patreon to sustain video production. Instead of disgarding your devices donate gently used computers, smartphones and laptops which would greatly increase our service delivery capacity. Lastly, custom group and intern participants are invited to join us in program development, administration and evaluation of this initiative. We welcome virtual or on-site interns and groups to help us develop training materials and with digital marketing.

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