Fulfilling Potentials


Africa Our Home works closely with you to match your objectives, skills and experience with the unique needs of our partners in Ghana and in Togo.
AOH Global Program participants gain practical inter-cultural skills while working with organizations to achieve global development goals. Customized group programs range from two-weeks to one month and individual internships are a minimum of 1 month.

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Digital Literacy for Women and Girls

Digital Literacy for Women and Girls

All Year Togo

Access to digital literacy for all is critical for sustainable development and economic growth. AOH offers low cost access to fundamental computer basics. From our Togo office clients work on an AOH desktop or laptop computer and complete off-line modules from turning on a computer to creating a word document or presentation. They also learn how to access the internet, utilize search engines and send e-mails, etc. The basic digital literacy skills we offer are fundamental in a country where students learn computers from a text book and rarely touch a keyboard.

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Rural Development

All Year Togo and Ghana

Part of the Africa Our Home mission is to support sustainable development in Togo and in Ghana, West Africa. The International Labor Organization estimates two thirds of Africa’s population live in rural areas depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and 60% are in poverty. Creative ways towards improving the living conditions and income of rural African communities is essential for sustainable development.

In this light, Africa Our Home’s Link2Grow projects funnels resources and creates avenues for partnerships to support rural farmers in two communities: Blitta, Togo and Ayedwe, Ghana. Some key ojectives for the Link2Grow projects are to:
  • provide an income generating opportunity for rural farmers;
  • develop local and global partnerships to support health and education in hard to reach communities and
  • to mitigate carbon emissions through tree planting.

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Togo, Ghana

Public and Clinical Health

All Year Togo and Ghana

The Emory Global Health institute asserts “the health of a country’s people is linked closely with the health of its development, national security and economy. Academics, governments, public and private partners around the world tackle global health challenges and train communities how to prevent and mange disease. AOH Global Programs in Ghana and in Togo partners with health institutions and public health NGO’s to contribute to improving access to quality health care and community health education.

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