Fulfilling Potentials

Health Placements

Public and Clinical Health

Global Health in Brief

The Emory Global Health institute asserts “the health of a country’s people is linked closely with the health of its development, national security and economy. Academics, governments, public and private partners around the world tackle global health challenges and train communities how to prevent and how to manage disease. AOH Global Programs in Ghana and in Togo partners with health institutions and public health NGO’s to contribute to improving access to quality health care and community health education.

AOH health placements provide health leaders of tomorrow with intercultural fluency skills through hands-on learning in: family and population based care, epidemiology, disease management, health promotion, disease prevention, injury preventions, maternal child health, nutrition and malnutrition, reproductive health, vaccines, water, sanitation and hygiene.

AOH Global Health Partners

AOH Global Programs participants work with health centers and hospitals. In Ghana AOH builds on partnerships developed since 2010 under the auspices of ProWorld Ghana when AOH Co-Founder, Shawn Dillard directed the PWG NGO. Interns and custom groups provide valuable contributions towards strengthening local health systems through our partnerships with Ghana Health Services,Togo District Hospitals, private clinics and with public health NGOs. Taking the lead from our local partners participants may:

  1. Shadow doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals.
  2. Learn first-hand about the issues communities’ face which contribute to health problems e.g.: malaria, tuberculosis and waterborne diseases.
  3. Gain insights into the unique role of traditional medicinal practices in African society.
  4. Conduct home visits, child welfare clinics, health education and awareness with trained public health nurses and NGO practitioners.

Ethical Health

AOH Global Programs adheres to ethical principles and Standards of Good Practices for Education Abroad (Forum on Education Abroad forumea.org) as well as a Code of Conduct on Images and Messages (dochas.ie). We spend a substantial amount of time orientating our participants how to engage in ethical service. The type of health activities a participant engages in depends on the level of their experience. As a general rule of thumb we don’t authorize procedures a participant would be unqualified to do in their home country. We also provide detailed examples of acceptable and unacceptable photography in communities and in health care settings.

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