Fulfilling Potentials


With over 8 years of combined experience, Africa Our Home work closely with you to match your objectives, skills and experience with the unique needs of our partners in Togo and/or Ghana.

AOH Global Program participants help local organizations achieve social development goals, support cross-cultural understanding and gain valuable practical international experience.

Customized group programs range from two-weeks to one month and individual internships from one-six months.

Why Choose Us?

It's simple:

Our values distinguish an AOH Global Program from others. We value ethics, diversity and inclusion. We engage in critical reflection and challenge our participants to approach their work through social and historical contexts. We recognize the career boosting importance of global acumen and advocate for increased diversity in study abroad recruitment from our university partners; as well as promote diversity in our marketing and outreach. We live and work in West Africa, and include local partner input in our decision making process. Through these values global participants and African partners support each other to fulfill their highest potential.

Internship Placement Samples

Public and Clinical Health

The Emory Global Health institute asserts “the health of a country’s people is linked closely with the health of its development, national security and economy. Academics, governments, public and private partners around the world tackle global health challenges and train communities how to prevent and mange disease. AOH Global Programs in Ghana and in Togo partners with health institutions and public health NGO’s to contribute to improving access to quality health care and community health education.

Rural Development

Part of the Africa Our Home mission is to support sustainable development in Togo and in Ghana, West Africa. The International Labor Organization estimates two thirds of Africa’s population live in rural areas depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and 60% are in poverty. Creative ways towards improving the living conditions and income of rural African communities is essential for sustainable development.
Support economic development for two rural African communities by joining our AOH Global Program as an intern or lead a Custom Group. Work to educate farmers on best land-use practices. We continue to advocate for clean water, health outreach, access to farm processing equipment and to create early childhood educational spaces for children who are unable to travel to primary school.

Digital Literacy for Women and Girls

Access to digital literacy for all is critical for sustainable development and economic growth. AOH offers low cost access to fundamental computer basics. From our Togo office clients work on an AOH desktop or laptop computer and complete off-line modules from turning on a computer to creating a word document or presentation. They also learn how to access the internet, utilize search engines and send e-mails, etc. The basic digital literacy skills we offer are fundamental in a country where students learn computers from a text book and rarely touch a keyboard.

Program Details and Application

What’s Included: Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off, Group Housing and Meals, In-Country Transportation, 24-hr Emergency Staff Support, Human Subjects Research Training, Project Materials, Community Engagement, Language Lessons, Optional Travel Insurance through INext, Cultural Excursions and Activities. *Not Included: Airfare and Visa

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Internship Placement Pricing

Package 1

1 week in Togo
  • Locations: Lome or Blitta
  • Dates: All Year
  • Application Deadline: N/A
  • Cost: $1,400
  • * Group Dates and Group Discounts Available
  • Apply

Package 2

1 Week in Ghana
  • Locations: Keta, Cape Coast
  • Dates: All Year
  • Application Deadline: N/A
  • Cost: $1,600
  • * Group Dates and Group Discounts Available
  • Apply

Package 3

2 weeks in Ghana or Togo
  • Locations: any of our 4 sites in West Africa
  • Dates: All Year
  • Application Deadline: N/A
  • Cost: $2,500
  • * Group Dates and Group Discounts Available
  • Apply

3 Simple Steps to join an AOH Global Programs

Contact Us

Complete the form below to schedule a free consultation with a program advisor. In the comments field please include the following information:
  • Program type: Internship, Custom Group, or other.
  • Program location: Ghana, Togo or multi-location.
  • Program duration and dates (e.g. 1 month in August 15-Sept 15 2023).
  • How to contact you and your availability (e.g. Skype J_Smith, San Francisco, Pacific Standard Time available 10am daily).

Thanks for your interest in an Africa Our Home Global Programs. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you. We know you are eager to start your journey and strive to confirm appointment dates within 72 hours.

Speak with an Advisor

Confirm Placement(s)

A program advisor will discuss available placements as well as any internal grant/scholarship options you may qualify for during your free consultation.
  • Individuals will receive a general project description and a program fee quote based on the duration of their program.
  • Custom groups will receive a project proposal outlining selected projects, inclusions and associated program fees per participant for their program.
  • Individuals and Groups sign an AOH term of agreement to confirm their program details.

In addition to covering in-country logistics, 24 hour staff support, housing and an in-depth cultural orientation a significant portion of all AOH Global program fees support the projects and/or organizations selected by the participant.

Speak with an Advisor

Secure your spot!

Once your program dates, locations, and placement(s) are confirmed and the terms of agreement signed; a non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot.
  • Individuals pay $250 which is applied toward their total program fee.
  • Custom groups pay an administrative fee of 25% of their quoted deposit based on the number of participants.

Congratulations! In 3 simple steps you’re on your way to joining a cadre of citizen diplomacy. Participate in global development and gain valuable skills while immersed in the vibrancy of African culture. Throughout the process you’ll also receive pre-departure support materials and advice to help prepare for your trip!

Speak with an Advisor

Well Documented

How to prepare

Participants have a great opportunity to contribute their knowledge and creativity to ensure this project is successful. Knowledgeable participants may contribute best practice tips for conducting interviews through translators. While Ghana is English speaking, most interviewees will feel more comfortable speaking their local language, Ewe. Participants may contribute their ideas for the best knowledge sharing platform to disseminate our learning: an article in a local paper, on-line blog or newsletter? Lastly, participants should have previous experience working in groups and ready to produce a collaborative group project with a short deadline.

Suggested Materials

Enrolled participants will receive a detailed packing list
  • For Your Work
  • Laptop
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Voice recorder
  • A camera
  • For Donations
  • Gently worn university/city logo t-shirts
  • General paraphernalia from your country
  • Polaroid camera (Pics given to interviewees)

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