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AOH works to bridge cultures and to support African development. Since 2013 AOH Global Programs provides custom group and internship programs in Ghana and in Togo. AOH Virtual Learning is our on-line platform for those seeking a global program without travel. In 2020, we developed MonTogo.net to teach tech in African languages on YouTube.

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AOH developed the MonTogo.net project to provided high quality free technical skills training in African languages on YouTube. Our videos are in Kabye, spoken in northern Togo, in Ewe, spoken in southern Togo, Benin and Ghana on the west coast of Africa and in French.

The 21st century is fast paced and technology driven. Yet, throughout Africa many office workers can't send a simple e-mail. We believe the best way to support development in Africa is to provide technology training in local languages to help young and old alike make use of new technologies and to learn how computers and the internet work in their own languages.

We are a small self-funded organisation based in Lomé, Togo and we aim to bridge the global divide with a vision of digital literacy for all. With the necessary knowledge and tools Africa can thrive in this competitive world based on technology.

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Our Work

Africa Our Home cultivates lasting trusting partnerships between Africa and the rest of the world.
AOH provides cultural tours and internships. We are trusted partners for Universities seeking a locally-led customized group program. Through our community partners and relationships we facilitate global learning across fields in Togo and in Ghana with extensive experience in health, rural development and technology. We offer virtual and in-person experiences.
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