Social Welfare Development 

This project offers an opportunity for participants to collaborate with local NGOs and other development agencies in order to support rural communities in enhancing their living conditions. The primary objective is to explore innovative approaches that can effectively improve the well-being of these communities.

The project encompasses a range of activities, including the establishment of microfinance cooperatives, provision of Home Economics education, and delivery of entrepreneurship training. By organizing microfinance cooperatives, we aim to empower individuals within these communities to access financial resources and develop sustainable livelihoods. Additionally, teaching Home Economics will equip community members, especially women, with essential skills related to household management, nutrition, and budgeting. Lastly, entrepreneurship training will enable individuals to cultivate their business acumen and foster economic growth within their communities.

Through this project, we aspire to foster social welfare development by addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by rural communities. By working in collaboration with local NGOs and development agencies, we can ensure that our efforts are tailored to the specific context and requirements of each community. 

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