Similar to our Public Health Program, the Education Program provides Participants with a unique opportunity to witness teachers in action within a classroom environment, actively engage with students, and acquire hands-on teaching experience in Africa. Participants have the chance to contribute to the teaching of various subjects, including Math, Science, English, Literature, Music, Drama, and Physical Education. This remarkable project is currently available in both Ghana and Togo, encompassing Grade 1 through secondary school levels.

For those interested in applying for the Togo placement, it is essential to possess a minimum level of conversational French proficiency. This requirement ensures effective communication with students, as Togo is predominantly a French-speaking country.

Our Education Program offers an enriching experience that not only broadens participants' horizons but also allows them to make a meaningful impact on the lives of African students. By immersing themselves in the local education system, participants gain invaluable insights into teaching methodologies and cultural diversity. This program serves as a stepping stone for aspiring educators, providing them with practical skills and knowledge that will shape their future careers. 

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