Urban Escapades: Experience the Vibrant Cities of Lome, Ouidah, and Cotonou

Discover the rich history, culture and scenery of West Africa on this tour package that takes you to Lome, Ouidah and Cotonou. You will explore the vibrant cities of Lome and Cotonou, where you can visit the markets, museums and monuments that showcase the diversity and creativity of the region. You will also experience the spiritual and mystical aspects of Voodoo, the ancient religion that has a profound influence on the daily lives of the people. You will visit Ouidah, the birthplace of Voodoo, where you can see the sacred forest, the temple of the pythons, and the world's largest fetish market. You will also witness or participate in Voodoo ceremonies and rituals in remote and lake-side villages. Along the way, you will enjoy the stunning scenery of the coast, the mountains and the lakes, as well as the hospitality and friendliness of the locals. This tour package is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating and diverse world of West Africa.

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