Public Health Internship Placement



Our public health internship program works in partnership with the government of Ghana health facilities. Each facility supports outreach in approximately 20 communities in their respective districts. The Public Health division of each health facility reaches out to communities and individuals in their homes and educates them on health preventive measures. They provide treatment to some patients under certain conditions, undertakes disease surveillance, immunization, and family planning.

Internship Participant’s role 

Participants will shadow public health nurses and assist with health education outreach. The most common health issues are HIV/AIDS, STDs/STIs, malaria and tuberculosis. Other issues include teen pregnancy, family planning practices (breastfeeding) and sanitation. Participants also have the opportunity to work with Public Health NGO's where their main role will be to prepare materials and assist with health education events in Schools and Communities.


Internship Description 

Day to day activities description

Child Welfare Clinic

  • Health Education of caregivers on a chosen topic of importance
  • Growth monitoring of babies (weighing and plotting of weight in Child health record booklet)
  • Assessment of child health record cards and vaccinating those due for vaccination
  • Vitamin A supplementation
  • Counseling of caregivers about weight of child and immunization
Curative Service

  • Taking of records (vital statistics; age, sex etc.)
  • Temperature taking
  • Weight taking
  • Measurement of height
  • Prescription of medication
Home Visit

  • Tracing of defaulters to immunization, Antenatal care, Post natal care, pregnant women
  • Follow up on discharged patients
  • Follow up visit to malnourished children
  • Health education of patients based on conditions of home; personal and environmental hygiene
Family Planning

  • Assessment of patients for family planning services
  • Counseling of patients on the various family planning commodities available and their side effects
  • Administering of injectable
  • Condoms dispensing
Report Writing

  • Collation and compilation of data at the end of the month for onward submission to the Municipal Health Directorate
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