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Since 2013, the founders of Africa Our Home (AOH) work closely with you to match your objectives, skills and experience with the unique needs of our partners in Togo and/or in Ghana.

AOH Virtual Learning provides you with the opportunity to achieve your academic and professional goals without leaving your home.
Gain invaluable experience, improve your network and build long lasting relationships with professional and social development partners in Africa.
We offer virtual social development internships for individuals in the fields of Health Care, Education, Digital Marketing and Technology. We also work with university partners to offer virtual study abroad programs to embed global learning into the curriculum.

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Realize your Potential with AOH Virtual Learning


Develop your skills, gain hands-on experience and apply your classroom learning to real world projects


Collaborate with African partners and learn what it takes to work remotely across time zones and cultures


Engage with global development issues by learning from our local partners who work to improve the conditions in their communities

How AOH Virtual Programs Work

AOH virtual participants receive the same level of support, guidance and high-quality culturally immersive experience that we provide our on-site interns and custom group participants year after year.

Each program is customized, so the first step is to schedule your free consultation with an AOH program advisor to determine your dates, price and project details

All programs include the following components:

  • Clearly identified goals and objectives that are co-created between you and AOH.
  • Weekly virtual check-in and guided reflection of your experience with an AOH team member.
  • Interns meet virtually with an identified organization supervisor to complete assigned duties.
  • Multi-media content including interviews with local experts and cultural informants as well as “day in the life” tours of select facilities and projects.
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    “ The staff members are beyond amazing. They were super helpful, kind, and hard working. Each worker has their own unique personality that goes perfect with their role. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and had the chance to meet such wonderful people!”

    Kaitlyn Wold Nursing Student, University of Missouri August 2018

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    “I choose Africa Our Home's global program for our intership in Ghana because Africa Our Home's staff gets it”.

    Lynelle Philips, Universty of Missouri, Sinclair School of Nursing (Faculty)

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    “After I have been to Ghana for 2 weeks, I realised that all the bad things I've heard about Africa are not true. Peaple are really nice and I really appreciate the simplicity of life here”

    Evlyn, Florida Gulf Coast Universty, Department of Social Work

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