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As a social enterprise that strives to support development in Africa and bridge cultures, Africa Our Home has developed an innovative model to service both the West African and Global communities. From our Head Office in Lomé, Togo we provide Togolese and neighboring countries with access to affordable information technology training, web-design services, English courses and more. We intend to reduce the digital divide in Africa and to build the capacity of local organizations and individuals.

For the global community we offer the AOH Global Programs: ProWorld Ghana and Discover-Togo. Global program participants include: young professionals seeking a professional global internship, major universities implementing short-term service learning programs and global citizens who share their skills and experience a cultural exchange while volunteering on a small-scale development project in Africa. AOH was conceived by Mr. Dom Adabi (Togolese), from the lens that Africa, as the cradle of civilization is a home for everyone, and everyone should have an opportunity to contribute to its development. Partnering with Ms. Shawn Dillard (African-American), the duo launched AOH in 2013 in Togo, West Africa with program offices in Ghana and the United States.

Mr. Adabi and Ms. Dillard previously worked in management capacities for larger development-oriented volunteer service organizations. Dom, under the auspices of the German government’s GIZ volunteers program and Shawn with ProWorld Ghana; a provider of internship, semester abroad and university faculty-led group programs. Intrax Cultural Exchange, a corporation located in San Francisco, CA USA managed 13 ProWorld country programs until 2015. Ms. Dillard was authorized to acquire the ProWorld Ghana program, incorporating it into the AOH Global Programs offerings.

AOH’s Head Office at the Togo/Ghana border was strategically selected to maximize the power of cultivating African-led partnerships and acquiring local input to provide our best services. For AOH Global Programs, while there are larger providers of similar programs; AOH is based in Africa and with African Diaspora leadership, we engage with local communities at level that would not be possible were we based out of San Francisco or London. AOH embraces the positive change-making potential of citizen diplomacy and due to our unique cultural perspectives we implement our global programs to a high ethical standard to ensure the social cohesion of African communities who embrace our global participants is maintained.

We hope to be an example for younger could be African entrepreneurs that partnerships not hand-outs are the future of African development. Please, get in touch and discover how AOH fulfills potential