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MonTogo.net Project

Giving a web presence to small bussinesses in Togo

Montogo.net is Togo’s maiden free on-line directory and low cost web services for small businesses. It gives an opportunity to residents of Togo to post and browse free classified ads and promote their business on a customized webpage we call Business-Page.

Montogo.net’s philosophy is to demystify Information Technology in Togo and bring as many people as possible to use the internet. We believe that the more people we get online the better the country’s economic conditions will get; as they will be able to trade quickly among themselves and with the rest of the world.

The free classified ads are modeled after craigslist.org. Whether people are searching for accommodation or a job, with just a few mouse-clicks. We have 7 categories and over 30 subcategories to choose from. Launched in August 2014, montogo.net’s free classified ads platform has received a good welcome from the population of Togo. We get on average 100 site visits per day. This is very good especially in a country where less than 30% of the population use internet on daily basis. Our Personalized Business Page offer allows small businesses to have a web presence. We provide them with a simple and clean webpage designed in HTML5 and hosted on our montogo.net’s server. The service costs just $60. It is an excellent way for local businesses to promote their products without having to spend much.

MonTogo.net Project also offers technical support and training to those who want to learn about online marketing.

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